lawVVRS Legal services are highly experienced in delivering expertise digital media and technology services for Australian clients. Our lawyers are experienced in handling Media and Privacy Law and its areas such as litigation, counseling and regulatory towards issues arising from the collection, publication, dissemination and protection of data and information assets. We assist clients and protect their reputations, publications, networks, databases and other information assets. We represent clients in court and before enforcement and regulatory agencies. We also provide advises and guidance on how information may be communicated to the public, shared with or extracted from third parties or waded against unlawful admission.

Our services include

  • E-commerce
  • Digital rights management systems
  • Web application and development
  • Digital distribution of film, images, sound recordings
  • Digital distribution of TV programs
  • Music copyright issues
  • Mobile telephony products and services
  • Technology purchase and sale
  • Broadcast, net, WAP, cable and satellite content delivery
  • Technology agreements and contracts in Software Development

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