Is personal information kept confidential?

We keep your personal information confidential and legal advice confidential. We may only disclose your personal information with your consent, or if we are required to do so by law.

Do you represent under ‘conflict of interest

It’s unethical, for a law firm to represent both sides in a case we owe a a duty of loyalty to our clients to act in case with professionalism we consider representing both clients to be a breach of the duty of loyalty, and unjust.

If the other party is assisted by Legal Aid ACT does this mean I can’t get legal aid?

No, anyone can get legal aid provided they are eligible Under the Legal Aid Act 1977 which has two different functions.

What if I need an interpreter?

We could help you get an interpreter through the legal proceedings, a minor charge is involved which at instances may be waved off depending upon the case scenario.

I’ve been referred to a private lawyer – does this mean I can’t apply for legal aid?

Due to Legal Aid ACT has a conflict of interest you might be referred to by a private lawyer in either situation depending upon the grant assistance, we will provide a lawyer to represent you and pay that lawyer’s costs.

Who is eligible for legal aid?

Anyone may apply for a grant of legal assistance, but to be eligible you must satisfy three criteria’s  (a) income and assets test (b) merit or reasonableness (c) your case must come within the guidelines on the types of cases that Legal Aid ACT can assist.

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