concept of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is generally regulated by the Federal Government legislation known as the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (the ‘Act’). The Objectives of Bankruptcy includes the conducts such as,

  • The distribution of the bankrupt’s property to creditors
  • Liberation to the bankrupt from the difficulty of paying creditors’ debts, providing an opportunity for a fresh start;
  • To make sure an independent examination is undertaken into the bankrupt’s businesses, transaction, property and affairs.
  • To act in the public interest by preventing a irresponsible bankrupt from continuing to trade.
  • Declaring bankrupt at times have serious implications and is best preferred to be proceed with highly qualified attorneys.

There is a substantial amount of fall-out to consider if someone is declared bankrupt. The ITSA can inform you of all your obligations and rights with the following impacts,

  • Public records will hold your name for few years.
  • Bankruptcy lasts for a minimum of three years it may be extended.
  • Any Asset (s) will be delivered to your trustee to be sold to pay your creditors.
  • Asserts acquired during bankruptcy may go to your trustee to pay creditors.
  • Banks may refuse to let you operate an account or may restrict it
  • You need court permission to be a director of a company, or be involved in the management of a company & lot more factors affect your lifestyle.


Alternatives to Bankruptcy

  • Personal insolvency agreements
  • Entering into a PIA
  • Debt agreements
  • Acceptance of personal insolvency and debt agreements


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