About Us
About us

Vvrs lawyers Pty Ltd is proudly an Australian based, owned and operated Quantity Surveying Firm that applies and specializes its’ knowledge, expertise and professionalism in the areas of  Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Building & Construction, Business Law, Commercial Dispute resolution, Real Estate, Taxation Media and Technology, Workplace Relations , Employment and Safety, Commercial Leases ,Commercial Litigation ,Companies and trusts ,Consumer & Contact Law ,Conveyancing, Family Meditation Immigration Law ,Insurance, Intellectual Property ,Legal Aid ,Medical Negligence, Notary public ,Personal injury  & Property law. Vvrs legal services are serviced by Highly Qualified and Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors who are at the forefront of their discipline. Vvrs legal services was  established to provide the Astute Property Investor a simple means to create an easy, accurate and affordable ATO Compliant & Recognized Tax Depreciation Schedules for Property Allowance, that meets the current Australian Tax Office Legislative Tax Laws for Property Allowances and Tax Depreciation. Vvrs legal services provides a means for Astute Property Investors to maximize the returns and cash-flow of their investment property, whilst understanding, managing and controlling the financial tax aspects of their investment property. Come join us to explore the laws in any industry

Company Mission
  • To be a national leader in delivering legal services in Australia.
  • VVRS Legal Services maintains an independent impartial and accessible system.
  • Transparent in dealing with our stakeholders enhance community and consumer understanding.
  • Increase access to legal services assisting clients the most beneficial way.
  • We meet the highest standards of excellence with the best in class attorneys.
Company Vision
  • Established to provide a fully integrated Professional Quantity Legal Services
  • Guaranteed, quick, simple and affordable Services.
  • Unique and innovative Schedules are designed to meet the needs and demands
  • To stay firm up-to-date with expert advice and solutions making your goals in reality
  • We understand the needs and expectations of our Clients from any industry
Why Choose Us?
  1. 1Our deployment charges are very low in comparison of other companies.
  2. 2We have specialization in any industry related legal issues.
  3. 3We have highly well experienced professionals.