VVRS lawyers are skilled in asset recovery and reconstruction by providing assistance to formulate the best structure for company in the fields of Insolvency & Bankruptcy.

VVRS legal services provides Building and Construction solutions at any stage starting from the project inception, project planning through the development process and execution.

We provide documentation and advice to companies, Individuals, Joint ventures and other business investments demanding advisory norms with highly qualified Professionals.


VVRS provides commercial and dispute resolution for Australian clients which includes public, private corporations, shareholders & managers.

We provide any disputes/advice’s resulting in the Australian real estate market, coinciding with a new strategy for domestic clients.

Our team of professionals constantly searches for new products and structures to help minimize your tax and build your wealth simultaneously.

Legal Advice Firm – VVRS Lawyers

VVRS Lawyers is a legal advice firm which focuses on the progress, competence and success of business and applies its legal advice expertise to fulfill the goals of clients. This legal advice firm helps people with their legal problems. The focus is towards protecting the rights of people and representing those who are really in need. Our services are used by more than Hundreds of people per year.
This firm is committed to provide practical legal advice and innovative legal advice in areas such as Bankruptcy, Building and construction law, Business law, Commercial law, Dispute Resolution, Real estate, Taxation, Media and Technology, Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety, Commercial leases and Commercial litigation.

Our Features

• Experts make things easy.
• Key talent matched to your tactical needs.
• Workplace advice line, ready to assist you.
• Practical business solutions to guide clients.

VVRS Lawyers is absolutely committed to vision, scope, experience and competence. The brand of VVRS lawyers includes a high degree of legal expertise, committed to quality, helpfulness, consistency, focus and client care.

We understand the importance of working with client’s team and have deep analysis of their business. This will helps to solve the business issues very efficiently and quickly. Trust, transparency and accountability are integral to our business dealings. A positive, dynamic and realistic approach ensures VVRS Lawyers achieve highly successful results.

Our Services

Our Testimonials

Debt recovery has been successfully undertaken handled by very efficient lawyers and prompt responses we recommend your services to associate and to any person in need of such.

Start Jozoor – Business Owner

As a member that comfort I get every time I call a lawyer with a question is really appreciated. They have a fleet of professional lawyers who have experience in handling every case the best way. The fee structure is very reasonable compared to other firms with more stands to benefit from savings in fees.

Patrick Harrison – Businessman

Professional legal service provider very transparent in every stage you know what they do good legal assistance is just a phone call away, without worrying about the cost.

Scott Williams


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